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Maila and Sirupatey on “Amma Kassam Yhaa Dukhcha”

Popular Rappers Maila and Sirupatey will be seen in the 8th episode of comedy, roast show “Amma Kassam Yhaa Dukhcha”.

nepalirap nepalirap August 20, 2022

Viber Saimon out with a new song

Soon after winning the title of Nephop Ko Shreepech, Viber Saimon releases his new song “Hanchu Mah Rap” produced by

nepalirap nepalirap August 3, 2022

Drutagami releases “Dreamers Ko Sahar”

A popular rapper from eastern Nepal, Samir Dhakal who’s known for his stage name Drutagami has released his new song

nepalirap nepalirap August 23, 2022
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